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Vanilla Bean Cheesecake With Peaches

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Makes:10 servings
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The only thing better than cheesecake is cheesecake made with freshly picked peaches. With a touch of vanilla and a hint of nutmeg, the whole family will be reaching for another piece.


3 cups 750 mL plain yogurt
1 vanilla bean (or 1 tbsp/15 mL vanilla extract)


1 cup 250 mL Robin Hood® Oats
3 tbsp 45 mL packed, light brown sugar
2 tbsp 30 mL Robin Hood Original All Purpose Flour
1/4 cup 50 mL unsalted butter, melted


2 pkgs each 250 g cream cheese, softened
3/4 cup 175 mL granulated sugar
3 eggs
pinch salt
1/2 cup 125 mL Carnation® Regular or 2% Evaporated Milk

Peach Sauce

2 tbsp 30 mL butter
1/3 cup 75 mL packed, light brown sugar
generous pinches each; nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon
6 sliced peaches
1 tsp 5 mL vanilla extract


  1. Line a fine mesh sieve with paper towel or cheesecloth. Pour in yogurt; drain until reduced to 2 cups (500 mL). Reserve. Cut vanilla bean in half vertically. With small paring knife, scrape out seeds; set aside.
  2. Crust: Preheat oven to 325°F (160°C). In a bowl, combine crust ingredients. Press into base of greased 8 ½” (2.25 L) springform pan. Place pan onto piece of aluminum foil; press foil tightly to outer sides of pan.
  3. Bake in preheated oven for 10 minutes. Set aside.
  4. Filling: Using electric beaters, blend cream cheese with vanilla seeds or extract until smooth. Add in sugar and eggs, beating well after each addition. Blend in salt, reserved yogurt and evaporated milk. Pour into prepared pan.
  5. Bake in preheated oven for 60 to 70 minutes or until edge is set but centre slightly jiggles. Turn off oven. Let cake cool in oven for 1 hour.
  6. Remove to cool completely. Refrigerate for 12 hours to 3 days before serving.
  7. Peach Sauce:: Melt butter over medium heat in large frying pan. Add brown sugar and spices. Stir until bubbly. Add peaches. Stir in vanilla. Pour over cheesecake and serve warm.

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