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Gluten Free* Breakfast Bread

Nothing is more delicious than homemade bread. And this gluten free loaf is no exception! Try this gluten free recipe sliced and toasted for a delightful treat. VIEW RECIPE

5 month(s) ago.

Bread Maker Recipe for Gluten Free/Dairy Free Bread

Does anyone have a bread maker recipe for a gluten free/dairy free bread using the Robin Hood Gluten Free Flour Blend. Thanks. Marian


7 month(s) ago.

Breakfast Bread

This was my first time making GF bread as I am trying to see if it will help my daughter. Followed recipe but it was soupy. Continued on and it just collapsed in pan. Not sure if I did something wrong but not trying this recipe again.


11 month(s) ago.

Delicious and not grainy

I find recipes are a good base to begin with, and then adapt to personal preferences. With my allergies, I can tolerate only a small amount of tapioca, so I adapted the recipe. Flours: 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup Robin Hood, 1/2 cup ground oats, 1/2 cup white rice and 1/4 cup sorghum with additional xanthan. Bread took less than 30 minutes to bake. Delicious, delicious. I don't care for the common dry, tasteless gluten-free bread, so this recipe is a keeper. Thanks Robin Hood.


2 year(s) ago.

Breakfast bread

I was reluctant to make this after reading the comments but I did. After reading though, I did some substitutions: I used 2 cups of Robinhood GF flour, 1 cup of ground oatmeal (to make flour) and 1/4 cup of ground flax instead of 3 1/4 cups flour. I let it sit for 2 hours on the first rise - mostly because I was running errands. Anyway - the result was really good. I kept the other ingredients all the same. It smelled fantastic baking in the oven, slices nicely and tastes great.


3 year(s) ago.

Should be called Bannock Loaf

So many things wrong with this recipe I should have read the reviews first. This came out tasting like my grandmothers bannock, nothing against my Grandmother but that's not a compliment. I used less honey and a bit more water and it was not good. It also did not come out as white as the picture, more of a grey colour. Do not recommend.


3 year(s) ago.

Weird flavour

The bread turned out with the gluten free nutri blend flour but the smell and flavour is almost mouldy....it is okay if toasted and smothered with peanut butter but is not good for a sandwich..I was really hoping this flour would be good instead of having to mix a lot of other flours and starches together. This flour may work in another recipe with chocolate or other ingredients to cover up the mouldy smell/flavour....Robin Hood, please fix this problem and come up with a better blend....I also left out the second beating of the batter after the first 1 hour rising and just put the batter in the loaf pan to rise for the next hour


3 year(s) ago.
Member Photo

breakfast buns

Used this to make buns instead of the loaf bread, turned out very nice. I did tweek it a little by putting 2 and a quarter cups of Robin Hood flour, and added a cup of sorghum flour to that.


3 year(s) ago.

Made some tweaks; pleased with the result

I replaced 1/2 cup of Nutri Flour Blend with 1/2 cup of corn starch, used corn oil instead of vegetable or canola oil, and 2 cups of warm water instead of 1. I also used two smaller loaf pans - 8"x4" and took them out after approximately 40 minutes.


3 year(s) ago.

gluten free bread

I just made my 3rd loaf This one I add almost twice the water and I'm much happier with the texture the others where to dry and crumbly. Using the robin hood gluten free flour.


3 year(s) ago.

Worst bread ever

I'm a celiac and have been baking GF for many years. I was excited to try Robinhoods new GF Flour. This is the worst bread I have ever tasted, not even good toasted. I can taste this flour in everything I make with it added. Not a fan at all, sorry! Bob Mills is by far much better, you get what you pay for.